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I have leased devices and end of lease is in August. It would be extremely helpful if there was a pop-up message option so that as I am checking the devices in, I could have a message that tells me this is a leased device and then could set it aside for the return. This would also be useful for those students who are on a restricted plan. There is no way of knowing unless I click on that student and look for the restrictions. Unless I am missing something.
I used Follett Destiny to track my assets before Manage1to1 and it has the pop-up message option. I miss that feature.

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I think we can accomplish this by the following methods:

Device Custom Fields
We can add a provision for a custom field to have an alert on check in (or checkout). This would allow you to essentially create a Checkbox or other field that would alert based on conditions

Restricted Plan
We can implement this in the Rapid Check In screen, as well as the Checkout Device to User screen (from within the Device profile). If you started the checkout process on the Client Profile screen, you would already see the alert.

We will add this to our features development list!

Thank you! That will be very helpful.


I came here to request similar but for student AND device profiles (also requested by my librarian users LOL)

My users have suggested adding the ability to add a note to a student or device profile that would show a pop up window when you go to that account. This could be used for a variety of purposes that doesn't quite fit the restricted technology banner and it would be more useful in catching the user's attention.

For instance, sometimes a device is reported lost and we charge the student. Eventually it could turn up somewhere but I might never get informed to remove the fee from the student's account because whoever found the CB didn't realize it was reported "missing". If there was a pop up note on the device, someone would be informed to contact me to remove the fee.


Becky, that would be another great use of a pop-up message. I hope they add the feature soon.


We're pleased to announce this has been partially released as part of Manage1to1 3.3.0's release!

We are still working on the development of the custom fields, however there is now a notice for user restrictions available on the Rapid Checkout page. We plan to bring this functionality to the check in page as well.

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