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== Count Badges ==
Please add count badge to the main tab bar (all Profile pages) showing counts of items on each tab. If there are more than 990 add a infinity symbol, or a smiley/frowny face.

=== User Profile page ===

  • User Information, Incident History(2), Insurance, Device History(1), Billing History, etc
    ** Incident History count is already below the picture

=== Device Profile ===

  • Device Information, Incident History(1), Insurance(1), Device Cases, etc
    ** Incident History count is already below the Device Snapshot

=== Incident Profile ===

  • Incident Information, Billing History (1), Incident Log (8)

=== Invoice Profile ===

  • Invoice Details, Email Invoice (1), Assign to Incident (2)

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Comments 2

I'd like to gather a few more details on this request. Ideally, how do you want this counter to work?

Typically counters like this would reference "actionable" items, such as "in progress" incidents, "unpaid" invoices, etc. Having a counter that summed everything on a page may not be that useful, and may be better suited as a report in our eyes.

Appreciate your thoughts, thanks!

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